Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Playing in Light City: Princess Celery

Considering that Light City currently occupies a prominent position in my gamer brain, I think it's time I start statting up some of the characters I've been going over in my head.  First up is a darling little heroine built using +Justin Isaac's excellent Super-Pet class...

Princess Celery

Level 7 Super-Pet
First appearance:  The Yellow Planet Chronicles (limited series) #1
STR 8     DEX 16     CON 12     INT 7     WIS 8     CHA 18
5 HD (18 HP)     Saving Throw 8
AC 8[11]
Attack:  Bite, +4 to hit, 1d6 damage

Super-Pet Tricks:
Speech (yep, she has a whispery voice not unlike the bell in this classic video)
Super Speed: Run x2 (96 ft)
Swim + Super Speed: Swim (48 ft)
Too Cute (Charm 1x/day)
Hero Support x2 (Cure Wounds I 2x/day)

As a puppy, Celery was rocketed from her birthplace on the Yellow Planet to Earth to serve as a defender of Terran human- and caninekind.  Little is known of her early days on the planet, but she eventually found herself at an animal shelter in Georgia and was given the name Lydia.  Soon after being adopted by her unsuspecting foster parents, Celery's heritage as Yellow Planet royalty was revealed to her, and she began to tap into the powers granted by her alien physiology.

Celery works a job as a pet-assisted therapy dog, so she gets to spend a lot of time walking around and having people tell her how awesome she is.  This also helps her keep her paw on the pulse of her adopted hometown of Dogwood City and know where she is needed the most.


  1. This is both arodable and awesome! Well done, my friend.

    1. Thank you sir! (Although you left out REALISTIC, which I doubt is what you were going for when you designed the class, but is proven pretty well by this example...)