Monday, June 26, 2017

Monstrous Monday: More critters for the Card-caster

Here are a few more of the beasts dreamed up by my buddy JR Mounts for summoning by the Card-caster class.  (Be sure to check out the ones I posted last week, just might dig 'em...!)


  1. More fun stuff. I can't decide which of these is the best. I want to say the Howler, but the Chiroptoid just has something about it.

    1. JR can pop out an interesting creature design in no time flat. I wish my brain worked like his sometimes.

      And that reminds me, there's actually a head-on shot of the Howler that I cut out of the picture, as well as a pic of the Chiroptoid with wings folded. (JR really does go the extra mile when he's helping out a friend...!) I should post all of the "extras" sometime...