Thursday, April 25, 2024

On preparing adventures for the Ghostbusters RPG

With my mind on a lot of things lately related to West End Games' classic RPG Ghostbusters, I was thinking of putting together a blog entry offering some of the lessons I've learned when I've run the game (maybe my favorite RPG to run!).

However, I recently noticed that over at Cannibal Halfling Gaming, they're in the midst of a really interesting series of articles on Spooktacular adventure writing that can complement and probably supersede anything I would have to offer on the topic.  In case you aren't familiar (and I'm guessing most people aren't...?), Spooktacular is a sort of retroclone of Ghostbusters with a few changes (arguably for better or worse) and, of course, with the serial numbers mostly filed off.  (It's one of a number of games that have tried to tap into the spirit of the old Ghostbusters game for a modern audience, and from what I can tell, it looks like it does a pretty good job.  It's even accompanied by an SRD for a ruleset called Sixtacular to encourage others to publish compatible works!)

Part 1 was posted on April 5 and gives some background on Ghostbusters and Spooktacular, while Part 2 begins to prepare us for successful adventure writing with some interesting thoughts on what a lot of us get wrong about preparing to run an RPG.  I think I'll need to brush up on some Forge-style RPG philosophy to get the full impact, but I really like the directions we're taken by author Sabrina TVBand.  I'm looking forward to the closing entry on May 3!  Maybe I'll even get around to writing up my thoughts in some sort of "tips and tricks" form.

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