Sunday, December 10, 2023

Up for a game of Manaball?

Just want to note that I've made a little subpage here for Manaball, a casual Magic: The Gathering format that occurred to me at some point and that I'd like to promote if I can.  (There's a link up there, under the header.)

Made using the MTG Card Maker at MTG Cardsmith

Manaball was conceived of and first played several years ago.  I've enjoyed it.  (It even inspired a card game that I designed for a friend.)  I've tried to share it online a couple of can click HERE to see a reddit post, and I'm pretty sure I posted it to at least one forum...but it really never gained any traction.  I'm honestly not sure what it takes for a "silly" fan-made alternative format like this to catch on, but I'm sure the success stories of stuff like Oathbreaker, Horde Magic, and of course Commander plant a little seed of hope in my heart that this could catch on and I could find excited opponents.  It was actually realizing that Wacky Races, a format first shared online back in 2016, really blew up this year when it was presented on reddit by an enthusiast, that influenced my decision to give it a permanent home where folks might happen to run into it online (extremely awkward sentence, sorry).

If you DO play it...or if you just have thoughts/ideas/feelings associated with it...well, I'd love to hear all about it!

Hopefully more to come on this...



I've got some plans in the my head at least(!) alter my approach here at Monstrous Matters when the new year comes around.  There are some changes that I think will increase the chances that I'll accomplish some goals here on the blog.  One of those changes is that I'd like to focus more on the lives and adventures of some personal characters.  I is, at least in part, an appreciation of stories that brings us together over these topics, so I want to attempt to put more stories into the aether for others to find.

The first of those characters that I'm throwing into the mix is Sergiu Pijha.

I don't have an updated picture yet, but he looks a little like this...

Sergiu is a part of the Gruul Clans of Ravnica, and he and others from the Ghor-Clan make up the Gruul representative in the Perimeter District Manaball League.  I'll present his character stats soon...!

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