Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Light City: Johnny Storm

Elemental Week continues!  Just another set of stats for a mini I'm looking to put onto the Light City tabletop...

Human Torch

Level 7 Elemental
First appearance:  Fantastic Four #1 (1961)
Real name:  Johnny Storm (public)

STR 14     DEX 18(+1)     CON 13     INT 12     WIS 11     CHA 15(+1)
5 HD (19 HP)     Saving Throw 9     Flight (48 ft.)
AC 6[13] (flame shield)

Attack:  Fire Blast, +4 to hit, 1d6+1 fire damage, range 60 ft.
Elemental Powers (7x/day):  Flame Missile (a la Magic Missile), Knock/Lock, Light I, Radial Blast.

(Like Hal Jordan, original Fantastic Four member Johnny probably doesn't need much introduction, but here's a link to his Marvel Database page for reference.  Hal and Johnny would be a fun pair to put together in a story, actually...

Ah!  Here's a cover for a GL/FF story that Ross posted over on the amazing Super-Team Family blog...!)


  1. As always, I love seeing new Light City posts. He's been added to my list of characters resources.

    1. I have Light City on the brain pretty heavily right now. Luckily, it means I'm getting things done for it! (Thank you for adding Johnny to the list, and for keeping up with that!)