Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dungeons And Donalds

I realize I'm not "on Twitter," as they say, but the important stuff seems to find its way to the web.  How have I missed that this is a thing?

You can check out @DungeonsDonald here.  Good stuff.


  1. Ha ha ha! Thanks for that. I don't really do "the Twitter" either (beyond auto-posting my HeroPress shizz). The question is: why did it take this long for this parody to appear?

    1. That's a great point! My guess is that May 6 was about the time that whoever runs the account hit critical mass on Trump impressions at their weekly D&D game. They've been very prolific since then, and it's mostly hilarious. The only thing not funny about it is that there's still a greater than trivial chance that Mr. Trump is going to be the next president of my country.

    2. Arrrgghh! Don't say that! I'm trying to remain in denial :(

    3. I'm finding it's important for me to express it out loud and in writing...just in case I need preparation...