Monday, February 15, 2016

Just some pics of Lego men at war...

Last weekend, after playing in my first ever session of Lamentations of the Flame Princess (thanks Ted!), I got a chance to play against my buddy William in an endeavor I hadn't undertaken in a while:  Lego gaming!  We used a ready-to-be-modified-on-the-fly version of the In a World Where Bricks Rule... ruleset that I put on the web a few years ago.  It's a really simple, d20-based game that I'll get around to posting on this blog at some point (hopefully this week!).  The lighting isn't great on these, but...whatever, I like looking at them!

The factions entered the area from two different directions...

...with the goal of securing and defending this...stargate...type thing.  Some skeletons got there first and attempted to hold it down.  Not sure what the dog's intentions are.

My gunners were able to get a solid position to aim at the rest of the skeleton forces...

...even if the Blacktron trooper was able to storm the hill and start taking them down.

Luckily, I was able to shift an archer to the opposite side of the battlefield, in a position that was more difficult to compromise.

As my infantry helped clean up, the sole survivor of the skeleton crew (the usual policeman-with-spear-and-shield) managed to escape through the gate.

And, while losing their trollish/orcish leader, the knights and their spaceman ally celebrated in front of the stargate with their new canine mascot.  Luckily, their celebration placed them in a nice position for a team portrait.

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